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Amazon’s Healthcare Project Makes it Bigger than Ever!

Amazon’s undoubtedly started off as the small book-selling company from CEO Jeff Bezos’ garage. However, it has progressed to become a vast and diversified retail empire. The current giant retail empire has also become one of the biggest cloud service providers due to a music studio and its own technology offerings.

The latest expansion move of Amazon’s into the healthcare sector is perceived to be the most significant step in expanding the empire. Amazon’s introduced Care earlier this year available to businesses in Washington and has planned to distribute the service across all 50 states by this summer. Amazon’s Care utilizes the concepts associated with a telehealth model wherein the users have the choice to connect and communicate with medical professionals facilitated on the Care app via video conferencing or chat.

Amazon’s Healthcare Project Makes it Bigger than Ever!Further, based on user preferences for home-based diagnostic services, Amazon’s Care offers on-call doctors and nurses for maximum patient convenience.Amazon’s Care offers a range of home-based diagnostic services such as blood tests, routine primary care, vaccinations, and flu or COVID-19 testing.

The telehealth model has been prevalent for a while now; however, providing healthcare service, primarily virtual, exhibits specific advantages due to the continuing pandemic crisis. According to a McKinsey consultant, there has been a substantial rise in the number of users adopting telehealth services. Prior to COVID-19, only 11% of US consumers indulged in telehealth benefits, whereas that has surged to 46% now.

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