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Amazon to Begin Drone Deliveries in Lockeford

Amazon claims that, subject to final regulatory permission, it would start shipping packages to customers via drone later this year. Users would be able to sign up to have thousands of items delivered by air to their houses in the Californian town of Lockeford, it added. The retail behemoth has long promised drone delivery, but there have been snags and claimed delays.

However, it declared that following Lockeford, it will expand the service’s availability. It stated in a blog post that “the promise of drone delivery has frequently felt like science fiction.” But later this year, Lockeford, California, residents of Amazon will be among the first to receive Prime Air deliveries. “Their comments on Prime Air will help us develop a service that will securely scale to meet the demands of customers everywhere,” the company said.

Amazon to Begin Drone Deliveries in LockefordAccording to Amazon, the drones will be set up to deliver packages to customers’ backyards in Lockeford, a town of roughly 4,000 people. In order to avoid other aircraft, people, pets, and obstructions, they will be able to fly “beyond-line-of-sight,” which frees them from the need for a visible controller. Instead, they will employ sensors. Amazon has already come under fire for allegedly leveraging the promise of drone delivery as a headline-grabber to promote its Prime membership programme.

Former employer and company founder Jeff Bezos promised to deploy a fleet of delivery drones in the sky within five years in 2013. Amazon also said in 2019 that it will start delivering to consumers by drone “within months.” Although the company said it “rigorously” tested its flights following “all applicable rules,” a Bloomberg News investigation from April claimed safety issues regarding its drones.

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