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Amazon Outage disrupts lives

Kyle Lerner and his girlfriend sensed something was amiss when they came home Tuesday and found their two Persian-Himalayan cats meowing nonstop. An internet-connected feeding machine dispenses kibble for them at noon, but the felines’ bowls were empty and clean. The gadget hadn’t worked because of an outage at Inc.’s cloud-computing unit.

Amazon Web Services is the largest cloud-computing service provider in the U.S. The outage of much of its network lasted most of the day and disrupted several of the tech giant’s services, as well as many of its corporate customers’ websites and apps.

Amazon Outage disrupts livesFor many consumers, it was an awakening to how many internet-enabled devices they now have in their homes and how much even some of their most basic daily needs depend on a connection to the cloud.Steve Peters of Los Angeles couldn’t tell his Roomba robot vacuum to clean up the blueberry-muffin crumbs that landed on his kitchen floor during breakfast. He relies on an app on his phone to beckon the machine

Decentralized exchanges generally run directly on top of a blockchain, which means that they have some usability issues (like high fees), but reap the benefits of a decentralized blockchain, like not having a single point of failure. But in many cases, complete decentralization is more of a stretch goal than a current reality.

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