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Amazon Opens New Cooling Centre at Seattle HQ

Amidst the rising second heatwave of this year, Amazon opened a new cooling center at its Seattle headquarters. It is a public cooling center opened by the company.The cooling center is installed in the Amazon Meeting Center. Up to 1,000 individuals can work simultaneously at the site. Many homes in that area do not have air conditioning as the climate of Seattle is usually temperate.

During the pandemic’s peak, Amazon had converted the meeting center into a vaccination center earlier this year. As the Pacific Northwest is grappled with the soaring heat waves, it is pushing the daytime temperatures to triple digits. The soaring temperature is also causing power outages in many regions.

Amazon Opens New Cooling Centre at Seattle HQOn Monday, the temperature in Seattle was above 100 degrees, making it a first-time high on record. According to the report by National Weather Service, the city experienced a triple-digit temperature rise for three consecutive days.Before this week, Seattle had seen only three days in the last 126 years when the temperature had hit three digits. According to scientists, the extreme temperature rise is due to climate change making the temperature rise more common.

Even in the high temperature, the Amazon warehouses in Kent remained open. According to reports, the company ran power hours. However, company officials denied it. In the other regions like Portland, the temperature reached 112 degrees. According to National Weather Service, the temperatures in Portland may rise to 114 degrees.

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