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Air Pollution Increased in New Hampshire Regions

Above and beyond the high temperatures, the Air Pollution concentrations were expected to reach unhealthy levels on Monday in two districts for people with lung illnesses and those who are active outdoors, the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services said.

The department further said that people in Hillsborough and Rockingham districts should take proper precautions by restraining continued outdoor actions. Ground-level ozone, the main component of smog, is expected to increase to unhealthy levels in those areas combined with wind-carried Air Pollution of adjacent regions.

Air Pollution Increased in New Hampshire RegionsComplex individuals include children and older adults and anyone with lung or respiratory diseases such as asthma, emphysema, and bronchitis.The air quality is expected to improve on Tuesday, according to the department. Ozone and fine particulate matters are the primary pollutants of concern in New Hampshire. There are 14 air quality monitoring stations located throughout the state.

Necessary precautions to be taken in such a situation mainly include:

  • Wearing a mask whenever outdoors.
  • Drinking a lot of fluids.
  • Remaining indoors for as long as possible.

State environmental officials warn the citizens that parts of New Hampshire could see poor air quality due to lower temperatures, calm conditions, and increasing pollution.The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services is directing that children, older adults, and people with respiratory health problems or other underlying diseases in the southwest parts of the state should take all the necessary precautions. The condition will come into control soon after the precautions are taken, and the air quality tends to improve.

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