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A Well structured Environment Can Improve Children’s Health US Research

The University of Central Florida in its recent Research study found that is a home or a classroom has a structured environment it can have positive impact on the health of children.

The Research conducted the study observing over 50 rural children. During the study the Research found that sedentary lifestyle of children or more screen time that is more common in the pandemic impacts the health of the children leading to obesity whereas the school setting which is structured dropped down the screen time, reduced the sedentary lifestyle, increased activity thereby positively impacting the health of children.

A Well structured Environment Can Improve Children's Health US ResearchThe findings are crucial because over 20% of children living in US aged 6 to 11 are obese and facing other problem related to health due to obesity. US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated that obesity could lead to chronic illnesses like type 2 diabetes or other diseases.

The Research studied the rural students as they are more vulnerable to obesity compared to their urban counterparts. Different behaviors of the children were examined like low physical activity, absence of nutritious diet, irregular sleep, and more screen time.Modern devices such as accelerometers were used to monitor the physical activities and other daily activities of the children.The US Department of Health and Human Services advices for at least 60 minutes of physical activities to the children aged 6 to 17. Moreover, screen time should be limited according to CDC.

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